Li Xu is a designer who wants to bring wellness to humans for years at the intersection of reason and emotion

Mio Pillow

Mio is a pillow specifically designed for people who rest in the office, classroom and during transport.  It allows users sleep in any position and change gestures freely

Wellyears Communication Kit

An experimental design that targets international students who struggle to communicate in their new environment. A series of three products, Topic Gum, Talking Ball and Commitment Bank, work individually and in combination to help ESL students build confidence and overcome their fears of communicating in a new language.

Udear Hanger

A hanger provides a sustainable way to make traveller’s clothes dry and more hygiene in the shortest time without consuming electricity.


Luna replaces a light switch with craft. This DIY candle making kit is simple enough to encourage anyone to sit down and try it – but is open enough to cater to the most imaginative. While the kit sits discreetly on the bookshelf – once it is opened up, it shifts any table into a mini maker space.


Lizi is a new block system that can be played in an organic and open way. The various forms allow users to stack blocks up in many ways, while the structure looks like some parts are missing, allowing users to add their own stuff and enjoy the fun of finding items around them to enrich the system.

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