About the site:

Wellyears is a combination of “wellness” and “years”, as Li Xu’s goal is to bring wellness to humans for years to come.  It’s a term he came up with for his design, trying to build better long-term relationships between humans and objects. The Chinese character Well, 井, can be extended without limits and more interestingly, consists of three straight lines and one special curved stroke that looks like a naughty boy who doesn’t follow his brothers. This character represents his design as well, as he designs objects with unlimited possibilities via a little interesting perspective. That’s Wellyears.

About the designer:

Li Xu is an MFA student in Parsons School of Design, majoring in Industrial Design. 

Growing up in China, he has been interested in art and science since he was a kid. He likes travelling and photography and later became enthusiastic about creating meaningful and intuitive interactions between human and everyday things via a fresh and interesting perspective. He stresses that products and humans are interdependent and we shape each other.

Li Xu’s creative works have focused on health, education, communication, comfort, and efficiency. His experience ranges from product design and experimental design to service and spatial design. Six years devoting himself to design has made him a professional in the realm of creating a large quantity of interesting and practical ideas and transferring them to reality.