Mioo Cubes


I imagine future public rest places will become more comfortable, versatile, easy to move and bring people pleasure. I furthered my study in this rest-related project and came up with the idea to use foam cubes to create buildings with different shapes of inner spaces. Moreover, they can be moved and re-allocated to create continuous and different experiences for different people in public places. Here, I use 3Dprinting to explain my idea.


Every cube has holes in different directions, allowing people to walk from one cube to the other if they are combined together. The relationship of people also will be strengthened by resting in that place.

Mioo Cube 1 is the original and basic edition.                                       

Mioo Cube 2 has different bumps in different areas, which are mainly used for kids for fun.

Mioo Cube 3 has benches and table-like structures, which can be used for working while resting.

Mioo Cube 4 has inner shapes with different heights of benches, which are mainly used for rest.

Mioo Cubes can be extended unlimitedly by users’ preferences. Because different holes on each side can be connected, people can walk through so that Cubes can become an architecture.

Inner space of Mioo Cubes

Mioo cube for children
Mioo cube for family
Mioo cube for resting