Nowadays, many people look very busy. But are they really busy?Even with all their activities, perhaps some simply don’t manage their business time efficiently. They waver between work assignments and YouTube, and daydream during conversations. Difficulty concentrating is a normal and periodic occurrence for most people. Based on this idea, I designed a conceptual internet product called Focus. It consists of a watch and app, which displays and records the user’s attention level to tell them how effective they are while doing daily tasks.

On the Focus Watch’s screen, a circle moves and changes color depending on your attention span and level.

The principle is that the watch can detect the user’s sound and movement patterns as well as special signals from the prefrontal cortex in users’ brain, which is connected with the attention span.

0:00-6:20 User’s attention level is medium.


06:20-9:00   User’s attention level is medium.                         

06:20-13:00 User’s attention level is low.

13:00-16:30 User’s attention level is high.


16:30-21:30 User’s attention level is high.

21:30-24:00 User’s attention level is low.


The display of a user’s degree of attention status in a week


When your attention levels stay too long on medium or low, a warning displays on your phone and watch, which reminds you to check your present status or choose to dismiss it.