Mio Pillow 2.0


Mio Pillow
Product Design 

Mio is a pillow specifically designed for people who rest in the office, classroom and during transport. It allows users to sleep in any position with comfort and change gestures freely on the desk or chair.

More than 83% of students and workers suffer from sleeping problems. Although there are lots of nap pillows available, users still feel their arms and heads are uncomfortable. The new pillow, Mio, fixes this problem with a semi-open form of C-type structure. It is suitable for people who have different sleeping patterns and are forced to rest in the office, classroom, and transportation. The structure of Mio allows you to sleep on or without a desk and it’s easy to hang Mio on the back of the chair as a cushion. Mio’s soft memory foam material provides users with comfort.

                                                                                                                                WHY DO WE NEED TO SLEEP?

Where do we sleep outdoors?







Over requirement:

Material and competitive products analysis:




Prototyping process(overall):

Prototyping process(form development)

Final proposal


The size was determined to fit hands of all sizes.动作1 使用图3

Users can sleep in any position and change gestures freely on the desk or chair. The pillow’s head can be put in any position and angle due to the flexibility of the neck and considerate size of the Mio 2.0.



The pillow can be transformed into a headrest where the weight of the head is supported by the arms. Users can still feel their arms’ support beneath them, a feature that respects the intuitive posture observed in many sleepers.

Used as a hand pillow, the Mio can protect users’ stomach from the cold and mimicks another common sleeping position.

Color scheme:

Mio can be put on the back of the chair as a cushion.


Mio can inspire users to create their own ways of sleeping, like strengthening the relationship between couples by leaning on the pillow.


Designed by Li Xu


Awarded  ” Excellent prize of 2016 China Red Star Design Award”

Status of Mio: ON SALE