Mioo Bed


After designing Mio 2.0, I realized the best tool for people to rest is a soft bed, if we do not consider the space or portability. I kept thinking whether there was an interesting installation as comfortable as beds which can be put in offices, libraries or even parks to let people rest, chat and have fun.

Inspired by flexible and soft Mio 2.0 and shapes of mountains and seas, I came up with an idea to use foam to create a totally soft space aimed for people to rest. This space installation is both aesthetic and practical and I call it Mioo.

Mioo is composed of private and open areas. The holes in every mountain-shaped bump create semi-open spaces which meet the needs of people who want a little privacy. More interestingly, some holes are connected to one another.


Mioo can be divided into several parts.

It also can be decorated with grass, to bring nature indoors.