North of China


Taken by Samsung S6



This is a trip I took in December 2016, I mainly use my Samsung to record scenery. Snow is everywhere in north of China, I hope my photo can reveal a part of vein of north of china.

Snow man                           
Two men at entrance
A woman in a car 
Landscape of Heilongjiang River 1
Landscape of Heilongjiang River 2
A mysterious wooden path
Alone Tree in the storm
Landscape near a mountain
Trees under sunshine
Trees under sunshine 2
Landscape of Greater Higgnan Mountains
Carts in snow county ( near to Harbin city)
Carts in snow county 2
A women watch through a lantern


Snow county near to Harbin is not as cold as Mohe County. The former is more peaceful and feels like home, and the later is more harsh and Uninhabitable, although is more beautiful in my eye.