Wellyears Talking Ball



The Talking Ball
Product Design
Individual Project  

Talking Ball uses a combination of stress relief and note preparation to help ESL students communicate better.

A billion people are learning English around the world and most of them are struggling with the same things. It’s hard for them to communicate in a second language.

How might we design a tool for ESL students to better communicate with native speakers and improve their social skills in a relaxed way?
 Output the stress through fidgeting
According to a survey, many students feel anxious and unconfident before and during a conversation in their second language. Relieving their pressure and helping them to talk better and is important.

Fidgeting is a human response to anxiety, which occurs because the body has elevated levels of stress hormones that are prepping your muscles for sudden exertion. So while you are fidgeting, you are actually releasing your pressure.

Final output

Pressure relief

Encouraging them to talk and relieving their pressure is important. Talking Ball is made of rubber and is easy for users to squeeze. It allows fidgeting actions that can help people who are under pressure from communication feel better. Besides, those sucker-like bumps are flexible to pinch and scratch.

Take notes in advance
Communication notes is a roll of portable and detachable paper. You can put main points of what you plan to say in advances. Preparing in advance can help to increase quality of conversation. Two buttons on the sides of ball connect with the note roll, which allow users to roll paper easily.