Wellyears Communication Kit



The Wellyears Communication Kit is an experimental design that targets international students who struggle to communicate in their new environment. A series of three products, Topic Gum, Talking Ball and Commitment Bank, work individually and in combination to help ESL students build confidence and overcome their fears of communicating in a new language.

The products combine into one case for easy storage. This design is rooted in extensive research and first-hand experience, being a student from China studying in America. At first, I had some trouble with communicating and was not able to find any products that helped me improve this problem. I wanted to experiment with different possible solutions to help my peers and future students in their efforts to communicate when living in new environments. Each of these products is meant to facilitate conversation in a subtle and unintrusive way. They are designed to encourage people with difficulties in communicating by acknowledging the feelings of stress and offering an alternative vehicle for interaction.
Topic Gum has four topics: Let’s date, Let’s party, Let’s work, Let’s study. The difference compared to other gums are the surprise, questions, on the front and back side of the gum package. The questions on the back relate to those on the front and go further.

I began with a font which makes words look like a pattern and a little unrecognizable. Increasing the effort it takes to discover the meaning, makes the experience more memorable.

I designed the logo for this gum via the font I made. The reason for that design is that Topic gum is an unpredictable surprise, which connects to a mysterious black hole.


This gum can be used in Scenarios when a boy wants to date with a girl but don’t know how to ask or want to create a surprise. he can try this piece of dating gum after a meal. accord to the test, most girls laughed when receiving this gum, the chance she would say yes actually increases a lot.
For example, in Let’s Date, there are 20 pieces of chewing gum with questions for different dating scenarios. In the first line, the gum asks someone to go out, in the second line, it asks someone to go out again, and the third line asks for a deeper relationship.
Talking ball targets the sender. According to a survey, many students feel anxious and unconfident before and during a conversation in their second language. Encouraging them to talk and relieving their pressure is important.
Fidgeting is a human response to anxiety, which occurs because the body has elevated levels of stress hormones that are prepping your muscles for sudden exertion. So while you are fidgeting, you are actually releasing your pressure.
Two buttons on the sides of ball connect with the note roll, which allow users to roll paper easily.

I tested different prototypes to see what kind of shapes users can output their pressure most comfortably and efficiently.

In daily life, we promise a lot, which is a way of creating communication and interaction between people. According to research, swearing and promising make us feel more confident to execute plans and tasks more efficiently. Commitment bank is for making people’s promises and guarantees more interesting and stimulating. For example, it can be used for a group of English learners; they can set a goal, like speaking at least for 4 hours and agree to be supervised by a selected person who controls the hammer. However, it is not easy to speak an unfamiliar language to someone who knows your familiar language well. Staying in your comfort zone is easy, but learning new language requires a lot of practice. Whether should push yourself on speaking English depends on you, but sometimes punishment and reward can stimulate you to treat your promises more seriously.

A selected person is acting as a bank judge who can hit the table or even your head to warn you if you break your own rule. If someone breaks the rule a second time (set by you), he should pay a little in that bank for punishment ( put money in the Bank. )

You can use the money for whatever you decide. Somebody could buy snacks or stationery for the group.